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WiFi Installation & Management

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi) is no longer a convenience; it is a necessity. The world around us is changing and Wi-Fi has become indispensable in our everyday lives. Employees rely on WiFi more than ever to perform their tasks and stay connected and productive. PC on Site 24/7 can get your office, employees and devices securely connected.

We install genuine and secured unified wireless systems that will allow you to connect safely and securely from anywhere with our indoor and outdoor wireless solutions. Let us design and install the perfect wireless solution for your business; whether its an office building, warehouse, restaurant, or hotel, we will have you covered inside and out.

WiFi Management

PC on Site 24/7 has years of experience in deploying and managing networks. It is important to do regular maintenance on your network to ensure that it runs efficiently and securely as possible. Router, firewalls, and access points require regular firmware updates, security patches, and optimization in order have your network performing optimally.

PC on Site 24/7 utilizes the latest cutting-edge technologies to remotely manage your business infrastructure in the cloud. We will keep all your network devices up to date and secure to ensure you get the most out of your network.