Co-Managed IT

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    Co-Managed IT

    Co-Managed IT services are a blended approach to helping you solve problems by offering our expertise to help you better manage your IT department or your IT services company. Unlike a traditional MSP agreement where PC on Site 24/7 would work directly with the end users, our Co-Managed IT plans have us reporting directly to you. What we offer you is more than just our enterprise monitoring tools for proactive and responsive analysis and support. We are also offering assistance with special projects such as server upgrades, network upgrades, and any other technology consulting you may need. We do all of this while remaining invisible to your end users because we always want you to be the first point of contact.

    • Enterprise Level Monitoring
    • Proactive & Responsive Analysis
    • Proactive & Responsive Support
    • Project Assistance
    • Consulting
    Managed Services: Billed per Workstation and Server per Month
    Services Inclusive with Co-Managed IT
    • Persistent Remote Workstation Access by Lawrence Systems
    • Microsoft Patch Management
    • Anti-virus Software with Daily Updates & Web Filtering
    • Active Cyber Security Monitoring
    • Hard Drive Status
    Billable Service Rates
    • Remote support billed per hour in 15-minute increments
    • Projects planning / consulting billed per hour
    • Onboarding fees may apply depending on device type
    Managed Backup Plan: Billed per Workstation and Server per Month
    Services Inclusive with Managed Backup
    • Setup of Encrypted Vault to store all data
    • Full System Backup & Daily Differential Backups
    • Plans starts at 25GB to unlimited GB of Backup Data Storage per workstation
    • Server Plans are calculated per GB
    • Local Backup Storage can be added on to speed up recoveries
    • Data Restoration is not included. If Data Restoration is required, standard billing rates apply
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